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iN-CAR CAM™ 312GW The sucker will not stay in place upon my windscreen.
Ensure that the protective cover (plastic film) has been removed from the suction pad. Moisten the sucker slightly before affixing upon the windscreen. Ensure that the locking lever is fully closed. Make sure that the glass is smooth and clean. Do not stick to glass that has any non-smooth effect or paint whatsoever. Affix to the glass firmly and then close the locking lever fully
I recently purchased a 412GW, I really like it so far. Is it possible to put a bigger SD card than 32GB?
412 can support 64G card but there is a chance it will not work with some 64G card, so we recommend using 32G card.
How do I buy Duo Cinema in Europe?
You can purchase our products from any distributor listed on
Why can't I remove the Micro SD card from my iN-CAR CAM 212 Lite Dash Cam?
With the card previously installed, you now need to push the card
further inwards slightly, using your finger nail, until you hear and
feel a small latch.

Use the edge of a small coin if you have difficulty.

Release pressure and the card will spring out sufficiently for you to
take hold of it.

iN-CAR CAM 412GW Dash Cam cannot lock onto satellite. What's wrong?
After power on and with the device mounted with clear view of the
sky it can take up to 10 minutes to find the three satellites required
to achieve a stable signal. Reception can also be affected by
atmospheric conditions and the proximity of buildings / trees
obscuring the sky.
Why can't my mobile device connect to my iN-CAR CAM 412GW Dash Cam?
Please ensure that you have turned the iN-CAR CAM WiFi Mode
on by either using the WiFi button or through the Settings Menu.
When Wifi Mode is turned on the screen of the iN-CAR CAM will
display the Network Name and Password.

This password is case sensitive.
I inserted my flash drive into its USB port. My flash drive (2.0) just keeps on blinking & monitor prompting "waiting". Then nothing happens. Another problem is audio from DVD play is blurred, although HDMI & RCA cables are properly connected.
The problem probably comes from a compatibility issue between the DVD player and your USB flash drive. The model you purchased was manufactured quite some time ago, and does not support all modern drives.

First, we recommend that you try using it with another USB flash drive.

Second, please check the file format on your flash drive. They should be formatted in FAT16 or FAT32. If they are in another format, please change them to FAT16 or FAT32. NTFS files will not work on your player.