Next Base

Why Have a Dash Cam?

Dash Cams That Will Give You an Extra Pair of Eyes While Driving

Prove fault in an accident

With video footage, you as a motorist or fleet manager can clearly see who was at fault in the incident – whether it was day or night. Such accuracy can save commercial vehicle owners thousands of pounds in excess and split liability claims.

Reduce claim time

Whether it’s your drivers fault or not, by having the video footage from a Nextbase Dash Cam, the claims process can be reduced from months, to a just a few days. Meaning that your vehicles can be back on the road, faster.

Save money

With instant evidence to back up any insurance claim, insurance company can not charge fee with you if the evidence shows you are innocent. 


Protect against fraud

Honest motorists are taking the financial and emotional hit from scams. Reports suggest that criminals are targeting fleet vehicles so the need for an independent witness is at its most important.