Next Base

NEXTBASE Asia Edition A26X series

The most new generation Dash Cam for Asia Market

SONY Starvis sensor

Provide you the best day and night vision recording quality.
A263W ... SONY 415 Starvis sensor, 8MP
A262W ... SONY 335 Starvis sensor, 5MP
(Coming soon)
A26R ... SONY 307 Starvis sensor, 2MP

Powerful Novatek SoC

Front : 4K/30fps(A263), 2K60fps(A262) recording quality.  
Rear : Ethernet data processing/ISP.
Providing better front/rear video quality.
A263W/A262W ... Novatek 96670
A26R ... Novatek 96671



My_NB APP for both iOS and Android. 
Wifi access/play your recoding videos.

User Manual & New Firmware

Download the user manual and the most updated firmware for your dash cam here. Please scroll down the page throught below links, there will be "download" tag. Click and download the user manual or new firmware.